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"vets ombudsman reappointed by tories"

Improvements needed in compensation for veterans, says Ombudsman
Improvements needed in compensation for veterans, says Ombudsman. September 20, 2016 Veterans Ombudsman Guy Parent is calling for improvements to the compensation provided to Veterans and their survivors who fall under the New Veterans
Combat increases risk of vets dying behind wheel
For men and women who have fought in the country's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, death behind the wheel is becoming another lethal aftereffect of combat. After they leave military service, veterans of the two wars have a 75 percent higher rate of fatal
vets dont support me..why should i gaf..
i see its a new gvmnt...with new issues...but the same old hu rah vets clogging up the media portal..i am sick and tired of folks seeing me in that glow i really do,,,i dont ride a hog,,,i dont got a beard..or a leather jacket with crests sewn on it..i
Were the 1970s as bad as the Tories claim?
“History is written by the victors.” (Winston Churchill) The Tories love to tell us, as if it’s an indisputable fact, that the 1970s were terrible years; the right-wing historian Dominic Sandbrook calls them “the gloomiest decade in modern British
Canada's vets often 'fall through the cracks'
Why are veterans struggling with homelessness? There's no single explanation for why veterans become homelessness, says Scott Maxwell, executive director of Wounded Warriors. Wounded Warriors connects injured Canadian Forces members with different
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