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Exchange with others......
I was wondering if this was something that can be done here to help other people with their forum. What about having a section where members can exchange posts. For instance, let's say I would like to increase activity on my forum. I'll start a
Referral link exchange
Is it against the TOS to create a forum where users can exchange referral links
Image exchange as hover effect on the nav bar?
Is there a way to get a roll over effect on the graphic elements in the nav bar so when the mouse cursors hovers on the images they change to other images in phpBB3? For instance a CSS script that exchanges one picture in the nav bar for another whenever
NEW UPDATE : Forumotion Traffic exchange!
Dear users and members, To improve the ranking and the audience of your forum, we inform you that we have now added a new feature entitled "Traffic exchange" which remains in Beta. This new option will allow you to share traffic and
How do I exchange my points for more Ad-free time
Hello everyone, I exchanged enough points in May 2007 to keep my Forum adsense free up to about any time now in November. So I now want to exchange some more points for some more ad-free time. But can't find where to go to do this in "Points
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