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Harry Potter RPG
Category: Games and RPG Title: Harry Potter RPG Link: Language: English Description: Harry Potter RPG is a forum set on delivering one of the most realistic, vivid and fun Harry Potter experiences that
Harry Potter banner request
Creation Type: banner Size (In Pixels): banner size /shifty Primary Colors: black and grays Secondary Colors: white and golds Images to
Harry Potter Forum Skin
Hey guys! Im just new here.. But I just need some help with a Forum Skin.. Well a friend of mine got a forum .. His forum is just called like Harry Potter etc.. And he maked his forum on (here) But I still cant find the Skin on it...
Harry Potter Banner Request
Creation Type: Banner Size (In Pixels): Banner size? Primary Colors: Black Secondary Colors: Gray Images to include: Harry potter images Text to Insert : Live The Magic Title: Harry Potter Rpg Tagline: Harry Potter Font (Provide Download Link):
An inseparable pair: dog collapses and dies after army handler is killed
An inseparable pair: dog collapses and dies after army handler is killed Tributes flow in to the British soldier who worked with his dog to defuse bombs in Afghanistan Richard Norton-Taylor, Wednesday 2 March 2011 21.32
Hacking of PMs on one Forumotion site being posted on another
Private pms on NewsFix of at least three posters have been hacked into and posted on InaFlap forum.   I went onto the page on Inaflap that allows you to register a complaint and wrote this: I understand that private pms of mine have been posted on this
Every forumotion site is slow
Every forum is slow, mine is so slow that you can no longer connect. Is this due to them doing maintenance on the server? There is no reason other than that why their should be any problems. If maintenance is going to be done - would it be too much to ask
Army Colored Skins
How about creating some Army Colored phpBB skins,I have a gaming site where you can d-load maps,game mod's and more and would like a military type theme.
SCM PLAYER breaks our Forumotion site!
Our site, as of about three hours ago, doesnt load up any longer. All of our forum users, in any browser, finds that it improperly redirects (i think?) to SCM Player. Can you please help?
has anyone joined Milnet or army forums?
I was wondering if anyone ever visited or prat take in Army forums or Milnet? who are these guys? I asked a question about a book I read (the Ultimatum) and from that basis I asked if you will fight if the US ever attack? just a question, also I think the
I want to delete my account at a Forumotion site but admin is preventing me from doing so.
Hi I have been trying to delete my account from the Forumotion site 'In A Flap' but the admin there is refusing to allow this. My account has been made inactive. How can i get my account deleted? Thanks.
Number Of Visits Your Profile has had
I think there should be a system on the profiles where it tells you how many visits you profile has had or who the last visitors were I have seen a few forums with this and it looks good. This could be added on our forums and the support forum
Number of activity points :
what is Number of activity points ? What is it for ? And what do u get the points for?! Thaks !
How to set number of posts in threads
I increased the posts per page in threads to 50 to deal with the page limit per thread some time ago. The panel has been updated and I got informed that the number of posts per page is causing some problems with some member's computers. I'd like to se
Limit the number of posts per day per user
I think it would good idea and very useful and commonly used option.
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