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Putting an image in your post
To post photographs, your own smilies, or any kind of image on a forum you need an image hosting account. There are many to choose from & many forum members will probably already have one they like. This tutorial is to show you how to use Forumotion
No post count/Disabling post count on a particular forum
I suggest their Be a button in options that you can choose that will disable the post count for users so that when a users posts something, their "Posts:" will not rise. Title edited by Skittles ~ to add title of merged topic
Post profile and post width
Hello! Forum type: phpbb3 | Forum link: Is there a way to allow a post to change in width, while the post profile width stays the same without it going underneath the post? When I try to do this the post
Trying to post iframe in post.
The code works in the announcement of forum but I want to stick it in a post . I have read other posts here but cant get mine to work. Here is the code. It doesn't show up in post. <iframe> width="640" height="360"
Who voted on my post
I have received the question if it is possible to show who voted on the posts one creates.
Automerge Double Post
I think there should be a option that admin's can choose weither their site doesn't allow double posts. The post that the person does after their own post merges into the first post, if you get what I mean. Do you think this is a good
Post a little about yourself!
Let's get to know each other, everyone! :D Name: Age: Country: (And state if you'd like) Hobbies: MineCraft Username: Anything Else you'd like to share?: Picture: ----------------------------------- Name: Ben Age: 15 Country: Texas,
First Post!
This is my first post on Designers Society! I am excited to begin designing my own ideas and exploring the world of fashion.
new post,last reply
hello. i whant this last post and reply: information, forumotion link:
test post
just trying to make a test post.
post last edited by
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB3 Position : Founder Concerned browser(s) : Mozilla Firefox Who the problem concerns : All members When the problem appeared : april 2016 Forum link : Description o
Members Can't Post
New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days They have to contract Admin an I not sure how you go about making it where members can post each day unlimited post I having group making of psp graphics designing, games, show off et
What is a topic vs post?
I have a simple question: what is the difference between topics and posts? In the admin panel, while creating a forum, I have the option of "Sort Topics By:" and "Sort the Posts of a Topic By:". What is a topic?
how to delete post?
excuse me... i want to ask, how to delete all post in all my categories? because there is something error in my post.... so i want to delete all... how to delete it all? thanks2
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