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Sanetta Myrie- JAMAICA WORLD 2015
Sanneta Myrie   Miss World Jamaica 2015
Road to Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2014- Toa Baja won!!
La final sera el 3 de octubre 2013. La ganadora representara a Puerto Rico en Miss Universe 2014.
Miss Universe Pageant- RETRO!!
In this topic we can post valuable retro pics from MU Pageant, this is not an official topic of a MU retro (golden) candidate, if you wish to open an official topic of a retro (golden) MU candidate, kindly open her thread in this forum. Thank you!!!   
Miss World Pageant- RETRO!!
In this topic you can post any kind of pictures from Miss World Golden-Retro era. This is not a topic for an especific MW titleholder or candidate, if you wish you can open a topic for an specific candidate. Enjoy!!!   
Road to Miss Venezuela 2014 - Mariana Jiménez Won!!
Who will replace Migbelis Castellanos? The 1st r.u. will go to MI and the 2nd, to ME.
Sharlene Radlein- JAMAICA UNIVERSE 2015
Sharlene Radlein MISS UNIVERSE JAMAICA 2015
Essence's Most Beautiful Miss World- Zhang Zilin- PR CHINA
Top 15 Denise Perrier Antigone Costanda Madeleine Hartog-Bel Penelope Plummer Jennifer Hosten Cindy Breakspeare Pilin Leon Aishwarya Rai Diana Hayden Priyanka Chopra Agbani
Road to Miss Brazil Universe 2016 - Paraná Won!!
LIVE (at 22:30 in Brazilian Time): Official coverage also in: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Mariana Jiménez- VENEZUELA UNIVERSE 2015
Mariana Jimenez Morelas (born 1994 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan model and beauty pageant titleholder. She represented the Guárico at the Miss Venezuela 2014 pageant, She will represent Venezuela in Miss Universe 2015. She attends Social Communication in
Cameron Diaz says release of nude images is gross violation
Rebecca Black
Voice type: Mezzo-soprano Vocal range: F3-F♯5 Significant High Notes: F♯5 (''Since You've Been Gone'' (live on The X Factor)) F5 (Live performance with Katy Perry) E♭5 (''Friday'', ''Since You've Been Gone'' (live on The X Factor)) D5 (''Wreckin
Miss Intercontinental 2016 | Essence's FINAL HP | RELEASED
Essence's coverage: /t1978-road-to-miss-intercontinental-2016-official-thread-complete-coverage#21450
Orange is the New Black
Anyone else watching this? I ended up watching the whole thing over the course of yesterday and today and was surprised by how much I liked it, given that it features a bunch of actors that I don't normally care for (Taylor Schilling, Lauren Prepon, Taryn
Black watch
Anyone know where there is any black watch of Canada militaria for sale?
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