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Hello My forum: Problem: I want to move icon in centre. Now it's looks like this: But I need something like this: Thanks
I am Neno from Neno"s Place
Been using ForumandCo for over a year now. Started out as a Back-Up board do to being hacked for stepping on other toes. Have yet to have that done with forumandco so descided to take my licensed V-B Board down and stay with Forumandco. I have over 4500
Can I place banner ads on my site ?
Can I insert code that is placed inside the <head> section of my website? (forumvi) Can I place banner ads on my site ?
Does anyone know the place Ghost Whisperer filmed?
I am planning a trip for my christmas holidays. The landscape in the Ghost Whisperer Seasons looks rather amazing, isn't it? Some one can tell me where it is?
Place a contact button below the profile
Place "Contact" button below the profile Hello, Thanks to our user "Russel", here is a little tip that may come handy If you are using phpbb2 version, it is in the default that contact buttons are place under signature. Right
forum box under the navigation bar and online header on the wrong place
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB3 Position : Founder Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Who the problem concerns : Yourself Forum link : Description of
How to place a google HTML Tag for ownership of my forum on the home page
my created forum I need to verify my ownership of the forum with google. I added the HTML Tag, however not in the correct place and certainly not on the home page css Verification failed for
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