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how can i add legend
in my forum it is cool and everything but i want to add legends like the one here Legend : [ Forumotion Administrators ] [ Forumotion Global Moderators ] [ Forumotion Moderators ] [ Forumotion Technicians ] [ Forumotion Graphic Designers ] tried
legend ranks
sir how to give auto legend to members make those for legend in black color but why i need set one by one i want auto got members how can do this??

Are you using the theme created by Ange Tuteur on the forum that you say is correct?
Ninja Legend: A New Age
Choice of the category: Games & RPG Choice of a title: Ninja Legend: A New Age Forum address: Main language: English Forum description: Ninja Legend is a non-canon Naruto RP forum. 21 years have passed.
How to make a stylish legend
How to make a stylish legend Hello there, Today I will show you how to make a stylish legend. Make sure you have a nice legend image to put under your legend, where it displays New Posts, No New Posts, Locked. It is really simple but adds a lot of
Modify the brackets on the group legend
Modify the brackets on the group legend This tutorial will allow you to change the brackets on the group legend of your Forumotion forum. The modification can be made on any forum version ! Editing the index_body Go to Administration Panel
How to move Topic Icon Legend
Hello,  I need some help. I would like to move the Topic Icon Legend at the bottom of my forum to a side bar. Currently it looks like this: New posts No new posts Forum is locked Here's the HTML Code Code:<div
statistic, legend and staff button style like this?
hello,    i want to make my statistic, legend and staff  button like this, please help    thanks anyway  
Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Mini-RP Sigh-Up
Note: This is an alternate timeline than the original series. With the Fire Nation waging war against the other three nations, the Avatar has completely vanished from the world. Though the other nations are holding strong, the Fire Nation seems to be
Group's style on legend: glitter, icon & glow
Group's style on legend: glitter, icon & glow Available for all forum versions There is a simple procedure to make it glitter, add a background photo behind it, next to it or what ever you want. Here is an example of Forumotion Administrators
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