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The Duck & the Devil
There was a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm. He was given a slingshot to play with out in the woods. He practiced in the woods; but he could never hit the target. Getting a little discouraged, he headed back for dinner.
Red Devil MKII Insignia ID sought
Here's something that has stumped collectors in other forums.  Any ideas about what unit this helmet might have come from?   The helmet was an out-of-the-woodwork thing that came from the family of the vet.  Unfortunately, the seller knew nothing about
I recentley bought a pipe on ebay, and am not sure who made it. the letters BW are on a brown lucite stem. the bowl appears to be made of olive wood (also wondering how this smokes). i'm wondering if it could be a DON FLORIAN pipe, but am not sure. can
Weekend pipe cleaning
I'm not exactly the worlds fussiest pipe smoker, and my regular maintenance routine is clearly on the minimal end of the scale but has always seemed to work for me.  I almost always remove the dottle and run at a minimum one pipe cleaner through the stem
Pipes with Thinner Walls
I have a Peterson Canadian with pretty thin walls. I smokes like a champ, the flavors I get from folded and stuffed Golden Sliced are amazing. At my regular cadence this sucker gets pretty hot, not hot enough to flunk the old press against the cheek test,
RE: building my first pipe
I have been bitten by the pipe building bug and have a couple of questions before I begin. I know from owning pipes and smoking them that the interior shape of the bowl is an inverted cone, is there a problem making width of the tobacco chamber equal from
Anyone ever hear of this pipe maker?
The Country Squire says he's from Atlanta and they sell out of his pipes quickly. Some I really like especially the two on the left.
My soon to be e-pipe
Started this tonight with some pecan wood I have. Not perfect but I'm impressed with it being my first. I didn't use a lathe or anything like that. Just a jigsaw, a rasp, and a mouse sander. [img][/img]
Definitely not for clinching
Massive Cavicchi Gigantic GBD Unless you have jaws of steel ... Does anyone smoke these behemoths? Or do they just sit on the mantle as a nice display of carved + polished briar?
5 Kids, Mom Found Dead in Apartment
NAPLES, Fla. (Sept. 20) – The husband of a woman found dead in a Florida apartment along with her five young children boarded a flight for Haiti, and police said Sunday the couple had a history of domestic violence calls to their homes over the past
Help With Identifying a Pipe
Hi guys- I was given a pipe this past Christmas, came from the family. I have tried to figure out the signature on the side, but can't seem to do it. I figured BoB would be the perfect place to ask the question. Hopefully someone will know. Sorry
Contreras Blends
My name is Christopher Contreras and I am a pipe tobacco blender and tobacconist. I am also the Proprietor of Contreras Pipe Tobaccos and head blender for Coeur d' Alene Pipe and Cigar Company, Inc I have looked through this site many times and decided
Olive wood shank extensions - experience?
Thinking of buying a briar pipe that has an olive wood shank extension. The extension starts well away from the briar bowl, so, I'm not concerned about heat but I am wondering if the olive wood will stay tight with the tenon of the stem. Can anyone
Pipe sock sources
I smoke to and from work and usually have a half dozen pipes in my truck, kept in pipe socks. Since I'm rotating pipes into and out of my truck a lot, I like to keep most of my pipes in socks when not in use. Trouble is, I don't have enough socks. I
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