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Changing background Color
i know there are other threads just like this but hear me out. I just installed the design theme by josh01 for phpBB3 and i love it, the only thing i dont like is the chatbox background (an image), i want to change it but his CSS is not right, when i clic
Changing Font Color/Size
I need some help. Here's an image for pointer: 1 - It's Preference tab and I want to change the color of that text since it's difficult to see. 2 - When I hover mouse over, the text turns into black. I want to disable the code that enables hover
Changing the Color Options in the Drop Down box
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB2 Position : Founder Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Screenshot of problem : Who the problem concerns : All members Forum link :
Changing the forum header color (UPDATED PLEASE HELP!) PunBB version Default code for my forum, really dont know how to use css stylesheet. Spoiler:body {     background-color: #D8ECFF;     color: #333333;     font-family:
[PHPBB 3.0.11] Question regarding changing a Styles Color.
Alright bare basics facts right now and if I miss something just ask. So I have created forums for my community of players in Eve Online. Using phpbb 3.0.11, and the Cynthia Style. Below are links to our public forums, the style, and our dev forums *where
Changing the Username's Color As Well As Multicolored Username and Glow
So I was wondering if I could be able to change a username's color without removing it from a group or anything, but just using a code to change it. I'm pretty sure that's possible, because I've seen quite a few people like that. Also, what about a
Color on message box has changed color, I can't fix it. Pleas help
Hope someone can help. The forum in question is The forum was made years ago and I'm not that computer smart to figure this out. I changed the colors around to where the forum had a black back ground and we used white letter. Just a basic
Background color and text color by rank
Hi all Can I have background color (image) and text in different color than other users? I think automatic text color, but different than other users automatic (I think normall) color. Thanks in advice
My site got hacked by this user on my site!
I trusted him to help me work on the site, and what does he do? Delete and ban everything! But he was forgetting the Back-up tools, which saved me.....his usename is Blamedraptor on my site and he owns Please do something s
Changing Forum Name
Hi guys, not sure if I posted this in the correct area and sorry if I didn't. Could you please tell me if I can change the name of my forum? Thanks heaps!
Colors Not changing...
For some reason, the colors of the forum refuse to change. We've been trying to make them lighter and easier to read but no matter what color we try to change them to, they refuse to change. It's making things very difficult to read. We know exactly where
Changing domain name
Hello Our current forum name as per the ACP is: The domain name is: I would like the proper name to be: Is it a matter of just changing it in th
Name Color Not Working
Yea , i had added ///// to my CSS sheet, then it had screwd up my name colors , i removed the ////  and changed the css sheet the way it was, but the name color has disapeerd, can somebody tell me where i have screwed up ? I have this for my name
Changing catagory permissions
Is there a way to change the permissions in forums to something like this? It's like this I want members to register but when they first come in, I want them to automatically dun have the right to post until they met some criteria in the forum.
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