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1Gb of Storage FREE to apologize from the last events
Dear users, To apologize for the problems encountered during the last couple days, I am pleased to announce that the whole team has decided to offer Forumotion forums 1Gb of storage space for an entire month. This space can be used for the image
Banned Prone_Clone
Name of banned player: ^^^^ Time/date banned: Now Length of ban: Perm Reason banned: You tried to grief two beacons in front of me..then I checked your inventory and it was full of stolen goods...When I asked you about it, you ran.
Members receiving 'you are banned' messages when they're not banned
I am the co-administrator of Cutting Edge:- At least three of our members have tried to log in to our forum in the last couple of days only to receive a message telling them that they are banned! They have not bee
Forum banned by OnlineGuardian
Hi, Today my forum been banned by Onlineguardian, since my forum was not breaking TOS of Forumotion, I desinged forum to help students in their studies and definitely many students and teachers were participating in forum activities to share knowledge,
Custom Banned Screen
I had this idea yesterday. What if you can customize your banned screen? When you get banned, it looks like this: Do you think that kind of looks...boring? Can we have the option of customizing your banned screen. Yes I know, the member is
Banned User keeps coming back
On one of the websites I'm an Admin of,we have a user who was banned (IP and Email) due to his behavior. Now, he's using a proxy site to get around the ban, using a new email (he had 5, and he keeps making more) I'm not really sure what to do here. If
ip banned
Hello. A little new so I apologize beforehand, but I found my home up address not working with my forum or even the support forum but my account still works . I dunno If I should display my address or not publicly or not. I can if it's not a big deal
Banned members?
In recent weeks, two of my members have found themselves banned. Admin aren't banning them so who is and why are they being banned?
Banned from my own forum
Hope this is the right place to post this. I logged on to my forum tonight and was in the middle of reading messages when i got a malware notice went back to my forum and now I have been banned. Not sure what I do now. Below is the forum
Banned legofinn11
^^ just now PERMANENT Griefing shop world
Forum was banned
Its been over 2 years.. "My site got taken down It was becasue I had an iframe to another sites game they had made. Then that site decided to change it to a
Why is my forum banned?
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB3 Position : Administrator Concerned browser(s) : Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Other Who the problem concerns : All members When the problem appeared : yesterday
Banned matthew82006
^ Post Until appealed Griefing, and being unresponsive to staffafter repeated asking and warnings
Banned: Ekolefas
Name of player banned: Ekolefas Time/Date of ban: Now Length of ban: Perm Reason: Ban evasion. Using a different IP when your other account, potsmokingpanda, has been banned. You need to appeal your IP ban! Link for previous
Forum Banned onlineguardian banned my forum and i cant understand why, because last one year forum was not so active I cant understand this...over 160 thousands comment's , 6 year's without problem's and
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