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A bad rash...
Hi moms. Kayla has developed a bad rash on the back of her neck and now its spreading to her back and is very itchy. She has been up at night crying and trying to scratch her neck. I took her clothes and turned it around so that the tags don't irritate
34.5 oz to donate, prefer to go to baby with food allergies. Gluten/nut/flax/sesame/soy free, mostly dairy free
I posted this in my state but no takers yet. It's not a lot, but if you need milk w/o some of these allergens I know how important it is. I have 34.5 oz deep frozen to give away. It is gluten, nut, flax, sesame and soy free, and mostly dairy free so I
Pete Townshend
Voice Type: Tenor Sung Range: F2-G5 Total Range: F2-G♯5 Significant High Notes: G♯5 (Baba O'Riley" live) G5 ("Christmas" live) F♯5 ("Going Mobile") E5 ("Batman", "A Quick One, While He's Away",
Cameron embarrassed over bribery scandal during Indian trade trip
David Cameron embarrassed over bribery scandal during Indian trade trip David Cameron has suffered an embarrassing public intervention from India over a bribery scandal involving a defence firm with major British interests.
Need Milk for Adopted Baby With Reflux and Allergies!
Hi! We adopted a sweet baby boy who is 8 weeks old now. He has reflux and allergies to cow proteins and needs dairy free breast milk. He is on special hypoallergenic formula, but still has a lot of gastrointestinal pains and struggles with colic. We talke
Desperately Need Milk-Dairy Allergy/Formula Allergy
My son will be two-weeks old on Saturday. I have been trying to breastfeed but have had to supplement due to breast reduction surgery. I have many food intolerances/allergies, including gluten, corn, soy, egg, dairy and shrimp. I don't know if my so
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