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Neil Patrick Harris
Voice Type: Tenor Sung Range: E2-G♯5 Total Range: E2-C♯6 Significant High Notes: C♯6 ("Last Cigarette Ever") C6 ("Parking Ticket") G♯5 ("Dream On") F♯5 ("Prop 8–The Musical") F5 ("Awesome") E5
Patrick Wolf
Voice type: Baritone Vocal range: C♯2-B5 Sung Range: E♭2-B5 Significant high notes: B5 ("Tristan" live) F♯5 ("To The Lighthouse", "A Boy Like Me", "Paris") F5 ("Paris") E5 ("The
Best tenor voice nowadays
I know it is impossible to compare singers from such different genres but skillwise, which one do you consider the best? (you may choose more than one, being 1 for the clean singer and 1 for the screamo tenor voice)
Sam Tsui
Status: WORK IN PROGRESS Vocal Type: High Tenor Vocal Range: Significant High Notes D5: "Just Give Me a Reason", "Grenade" C#5: "Don't Stop Believin'" , "Just a Dream", "Payphone" C5:
PATRICK KENNEDY ALFORD Case Type: Endangered Missing DOB: Nov 28, 2002 Sex: Male Missing Date: Jan 22, 2010 Race: Biracial Age Now: 7 Height: 4'8" (142 cm) Missing City: BROOKLYN Weight: 65 lbs (29 kg) Missing State : NY Hair
Hugh Jackman
Voice type: Hugh Baritone Vocal range: C2-B4 Significant high notes: B4 (''Wolverine Scream'', ''My Baby She Wrote me A Letter'' live, ''Wolverine The Musical'') B♭4 (''Crying'', ''Wolverine The Musical'' live on BBC radio) A4 (''Oscars Medley'',
Voice type: Tenor Total range: B2-B5 Sung range: B2-B♭5 Significant high notes: B5 ("Di Jou Au Mulak", live at Vicky Sianipar concert") B♭5 ("Bohemian Rhapsody" live) A5 ("Musnah" live Indonesian Idol 2008) G♯
Bob Marley
Voice Type: Low Tenor Vocal Range: A2-B5 Significant High Notes B5 (''Wake Up & Live'') G#5 (''Crazy Baldhead'') C5 (''Get Up Stand Up'') B4 (''Jamming'', ''I Shot The Sheriff'', ''One Love'', ''Sun Is Shining'', ''Wake Up And Live'',
Nils Patrik Johansson
Voice type: Baritone Vocal range: E♭2-G♯5 Significant high notes: G♯5 ("The Road Goes Ever On") F♯5 ("Lost at Sea") E5 ("Sleep", "The Mad Sailor") E♭5 ("Land of Olden Glory", "Carpe Noctem -
Marvin Gaye
Voice Type: Tenor Vocal Range: G2-E♭6 (so far) Significant High Notes: E♭6 (''Never Let You Go'') D6 (''Never Let You Go'') G♯5 (''Inner City Blues'' (live Midnight Special 1974), ''Got To Give It Up'' (live Montreux 1980), ''How Sweet It Is To B
Bing Crosby
Current status: UNFINISHED Voice Type: Baritone Sung/Melodic Range: C♯2-F4 Total Range: B1-F4 Significant High Notes: F4 - ("MacNamara's Band", "Now You Has Jazz", "Up a Lazy River/Paper Doll") E4 - ("Now You
Diamanda Galas
Vocal Range: G♯1-C♯8 Significant High Notes C♯8: ("The Litanies Of Satan") B7: ("Τραγούδια από το Αίμα Εχούv Φονός") B♭7: ("The Litanies Of Satan") A7: ("Wild Women With Steak Knives", "Τραγούδια από το
Patrick O'Donoghue
Gardaí at Mayorstone Station in Limerick are trying to tracing the whereabouts of 22 year old Patrick O'Donoghue from Knocknacrohy, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick. Patrick was a fourth year student at the Limerick Institute of Technology. He was last seen
Michael Barnes
Current status: UNFINISHED Vocal Range:C3-D5 Voice Type:Low Tenor Significant High Notes: D5-("Let Go") C5-"Lost" Bb4-("Already Over","Lost","Breathe Into Me","Let
Ben Howard
Vocal Range: F2-F5 Voice Type: Tenor Significant High Notes: F5 ("Black Flies") E♭5 ("Black Flies") D5 ("Old Pine", "Keep Your Head Up") C5 ("Old Pine", "Follaton Wood (On The Road)",
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