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Craig David
Craig David Voice type: Tenor Total range: G♯2-F♯5 Highest notes: F♯5 ("For Once In My Life") F5 ("Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)", "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone") E♭5 ("One More Lie (Standing In The
Dan Smith
Voice Type: Baritone Vocal Range: F2-F5 Significant High Notes: F5: "Get Home", "Oblivion" E♭5: "Weight of Living", Pt. I" D5: "Oblivion" C5: "Bad Blood", "Get Home", "The
Ewan McGregor
Current Status: Ready For Review Voice Type: Tenor Total Range: G2- F♯5 Sung Range: G2-E♭5 Significant High Notes: F♯5 (''Trainspotting :Withdrawl'') F5 (''Trainspotting:Withdrawl'') E♭5 (''Elephant Love Medley'') B♭4 (''El Tango De
Victoria Justice
Recorded vocal range: E3-G5 Significant high notes: G5 ("Beggin' On Your Knees") F♯5 ("Faster Than Boys", "L.A. Boyz", "Make It In America", "Tell Me That You Love Me") F5 ("Don't You(Forget
50 Cent (Curtis Jackson)
Voice Type: Baritone Vocal Range: D2-E♭5 Significant High Notes: E♭5 (''21 Questions'', ''PIMP'') C5 (''What Up Gangsta'') G4 (''Window Shopper'') F4 (''PIMP'') E4 (''What Up Gangsta'') Significant High Notes: B2 (''In Da Club'') A2 (''2
Sam Tsui
Status: WORK IN PROGRESS Vocal Type: High Tenor Vocal Range: Significant High Notes D5: "Just Give Me a Reason", "Grenade" C#5: "Don't Stop Believin'" , "Just a Dream", "Payphone" C5:
Tim Minchin
Voice Type: Tenor Sung range: F2-B6 Total Range: E♭2-B6 Significant high notes: B6 ("Dark Side" live So F**king Rock Live) C♯6 ("Dark Side" extended version) B5 ("Dark Side" live, "Superstar") G5
Bob Seger
Current status: UNFINISHED Voice type: Baritenor Sung vocal range: E2-C6 Vocal range: E2-C6 Significant High Notes C6 ("Innervenus Eyes") B5 ("Innervenus Eyes") G5 ("Katmandu", "Lonely Man") F#5
Voice type: Mezzo-soprano Sung vocal range: A2-G♯5 Total vocal range: A2-B♭5 Significant high notes B♭5 ("Sexy Single") A5 ("Not That Kind") G♯5 ("Paid My Dues," "Dream On," "Time") G5
Bruno Mars
Voice Type: Tenor Vocal Range: C3-B5 Significant High Notes: B5 (''Take Me The Long Way Home'') B♭5 (''Treasure'') A5 (''Gorilla'') G5 (''Again'', ''Our First Time'', ''Treasure'') F5 (''Girl In The Window'', ''Gorilla'', ''The Other Side'',
Keith Richards
Current Status: UNFINISHED Voice Type: Baritenor Vocal Range: B1-G5 Significant High Notes: C5  ("Sweet Virginia" Live '72, "Dandelion") B4  ("Big Enough", "Sweet Virginia" Live '72, "Happy"
Hugh Jackman
Voice type: Hugh Baritone Vocal range: C2-B4 Significant high notes: B4 (''Wolverine Scream'', ''My Baby She Wrote me A Letter'' live, ''Wolverine The Musical'') B♭4 (''Crying'', ''Wolverine The Musical'' live on BBC radio) A4 (''Oscars Medley'',
Bob Marley
Voice Type: Low Tenor Vocal Range: A2-B5 Significant High Notes B5 (''Wake Up & Live'') G#5 (''Crazy Baldhead'') C5 (''Get Up Stand Up'') B4 (''Jamming'', ''I Shot The Sheriff'', ''One Love'', ''Sun Is Shining'', ''Wake Up And Live'',
Ben Howard
Vocal Range: F2-F5 Voice Type: Tenor Significant High Notes: F5 ("Black Flies") E♭5 ("Black Flies") D5 ("Old Pine", "Keep Your Head Up") C5 ("Old Pine", "Follaton Wood (On The Road)",
Marvin Gaye
Voice Type: Tenor Vocal Range: G2-E♭6 (so far) Significant High Notes: E♭6 (''Never Let You Go'') D6 (''Never Let You Go'') G♯5 (''Inner City Blues'' (live Midnight Special 1974), ''Got To Give It Up'' (live Montreux 1980), ''How Sweet It Is To B
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