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Information about new secure connection protocol standards
Dear users, Since 2016, Google has decided to accelerate the transition to a more secure web by imposing the HTTPS standard. This is a good thing for Internet users but is really complex to set up technically on big services like Forumotion !
Your connection is not secure
iam facing a weird problem 3 days ago i had this message   Your connection is not secure, The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to thi
My site got hacked by this user on my site!
I trusted him to help me work on the site, and what does he do? Delete and ban everything! But he was forgetting the Back-up tools, which saved me.....his usename is Blamedraptor on my site and he owns Please do something s
Hacking of PMs on one Forumotion site being posted on another
Private pms on NewsFix of at least three posters have been hacked into and posted on InaFlap forum.   I went onto the page on Inaflap that allows you to register a complaint and wrote this: I understand that private pms of mine have been posted on this
Two sections are formed on my site without my knowledge
Hello dear friends, The two sections are formed on my site. (Forum ID: f97 and f98) who created it? I try to look at the security area, but action details is not there. My admin password is not changed. I did not give anyone access to admin
Domain name redirects to http://www.malware-site.www/
Hello, since earlier today my forum's domain name has automatically been redirecting to http://www.malware-site.www/ I have had my domain name "" for the last year and was offered by
My site IP
Hello Team. I have new Domain that we have from the older site. I need my site IP Address to give the old site,so I can redirect that second Domain to my site. How can I get the IP for my site? I need to have it for the team on the old site,they wil
Site name
I can't change the site name. I mean I put Empericus Flyff before but I change it because I need to. I changed it "Celestial Flyff R2" and saved successful. When I go to my forum, the site name still the same. Here's the screenshot.  I
Site description.
Hi my question is . How can i delete my site description .. is there any code for this or whatever ? they dont have that .. thanks every one for help
Don't Remember the site name
I created a site using my email address a long while ago and have since forgotten the name of the site, I'm trying to see where I can go to search for the site name so I can either disable it or remake it. It is not the email associated with this account.
Site description CSS?
Code:#site-title,#site-title h1 {    font-family: ;    color: #;    font-size: 15px;    font-weight: bold;    padding-top: 5px;         padding-left:
Making More Than One Site?
I've already made a site with my e-mail, but I want to make more. Is there a way for me to make more than one site with one e-mail?
Add topics name to site url
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB3 Position : Founder Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Who the problem concerns : All members Forum link : Description of problem Hi, I'd like to ask how to automatically set th
Trying to view site.
Technical Details Forum version : #Unspecified Position : Guest Concerned browser(s) : Internet Explorer Screenshot of problem : Who the problem concerns : Yourself Forum link :
How to change the tab name of your site?
i forgot how to do this. how to change the tab name to my site name
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