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"4k fields of white snowy mountains nature video relaxing ..."

Editor toolbar is gone[Bold italic and such] the background is stuck at white, and the sites text is white.
Technical Details Forum version : #phpBB3 Position : Administrator Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Screenshot of problem : Who the problem concerns : All members When the problem appeared : When i logged o
Guess What. I joined a friend's forum & surprise! They're suffering the same technical issue i and & few others complained about last year. And OMG! I see this after coming here. @Fonda Fontaine wrote:For some reason the toolbar' with
Why are there so many libertarians and white nationalists online?
The title is self explanatory. Has anybody else wondered why are these two so common and active online? Is flooding the internet part of their strategy? Do people sympathyses with these ideologies in proportion to their lack of social contact?
White hover navigation button
White hover navigation
Embed Dailymotion video
Hi There , for some reasons, I am unable to embed the daily forum video's ..every time I do..I get . "undefined error" message ..Could you plz help me out.. A sample code <iframe frameborder="0" width="480"
Profile Fields
Hi everyone   I have installed an IPB Profile and i want to make some changes in it. What i want to do is moving some profile fields in a certain position. Here is an example: To do so i need something like an "id" of the profile field
How can I add more fields to my Login widget?
I want to edit my login widget, which I can't because the modify button doesn't appear on it because it's premade.. I want to edit it to display more than just "posts" and the avatar and such. I have other personalized profile fields, how can I
Profile Fields Fitted
I have a field setup for users to add images, like in this screenshot. But is there a way for me to set it so the fields are fitted to a certain size instead of whatever size of their picture? Basically is there a way in coding or css so that it resizes i
Suggestion: Edit Profile Fields.
I think Forumotion should add a default blank, that way you can get rid of the browser, and version you use. I honestly, want to get rid of it. So, maybe should add a default blank.
Edit the avatar and profile fields
Is there a way I can edit the avatar and proficient fields like this I use punbb.
Personalized Profile fields / Warning System
Personalized Profile fields / Warning System What are personalized profiles? Personal profiles are fields that can be added to the mini profile like the name, location and total post count. It can be anything you want, from having a point’s field,
Custom Profile Fields Awkwardly Displaying For All Members
I have these custom profile fields I am using to assign userbars to members. However when they go to their own profiles they have the option to give the userbar to themselves. I am using a phpbb2
Implicit Association Test: Are You Secretly Racist? (Hint: You Are)...
Implicit Association Test: Are You Secretly Racist? (Hint: You Are) By News Staff | August 6th 2012 01:03 PM It's American election season and that means it is time for psychologists to introduce racism again - not whether you are racist, but ho
Profile Fields and Profile layout help.
Hi there Friends!! I am having a problem in my forum. In the profile fields the Respect field is not getting aligned towards left and appears on the same line of safety level. How to fix it?? I tried increasing page layout and decreasing widget widt
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