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US authorities plan to ban travel to North Korea
US authorities plan to ban travel to North Korea US authorities will soon ban citizens from traveling to North Korea. It is reported Reuters citing tour operators Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours, which organizes trips to North Korea. According
Trump gets floored
Ok Twitter- let's see if this wrestling meme can get MORE RETWEETS that the president's wrestling meme.— Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) July 2, 2017
The US Court Of Appeals refused to limit migration decree Trump
The US Court of Appeals refused to limit the effect of the new rules of entry to the United States for citizens of six countries in the framework of migratory presidential decree Donald Trump. This was reported by the BBC. Appeal decree in the
Forum is violating copyright off pokemon company
Technical Details Forum version : #Invision Position : Member Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Who the problem concerns : All members When the problem appeared : today Forum link : Link Removed Description of problem This forum is
The World Without Canada
I should know better, but I got sucked into watching the three one-hour shows that were narrated by Dan Aykroyd and looked at what the world could potentially be like without Canada.   The first two episodes covered our immense natural resources and how
Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian Tunnelling Company
Hello, I live at Manor Farm in Ypres, this is a farm that was completely demolished in first World War. I made a website about the farm and its history, mainly situated in WWI. There is also a page dedicated to Manor Farm dugout made by 2nd Canadian
It became known about North Korea preparing to strike in South Korea
It became known about North Korea preparing to strike in South Korea Leader Kim Jong Eun is considering a strike by South Korea, bringing the army in full combat readiness. Reported Korean publication Yonhap, citing Central Telegraph Agency of
JP's Newest End of World Prophet Steve Cioccolanti Join Date: Feb 2008 Posts: 12,322 Today, 09:04 AM Hey Friends, For years and years I've been telling you about mind control programming. Now Julian Assange has released Wikileaks
Nurse In Germany Sends Message To The World.
Nurse In Germany Sends A Message To The World THE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!!! March 2, 2017 Nurse In Germany Sends A Message To The World. Just in case you don't think President Trump is doing the right thing. "Yesterday, at th
Favorite TV host Trump appointed speaker of the State Department - Bloomberg
Favorite TV host Trump appointed speaker of the State Department - Bloomberg The leading morning show Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel Heather Nauэrt will be the new press secretary for the State Department. This edition reports Bloomberg . T
Background Image Doesn't Change
I'm trying to change my background image. I put in a new image URL, but the background image stays as the default. Is there a fix to this?
Trump made a transition to the US party system
Trump made a transition to the US party system US President Donald Trump allowed the establishment of the country's one-party political system. He said this in an interview to Fox News, commenting on criticism from a leader of the Democratic Party, Nanc
Benefits of Power Belt
Forum member describes benefits of power belt... sergiolizarraga sergiolizarraga is offline Member Reply With Quote Join Date: Mar 2009 Posts: 59 Yesterday, 05:10 PM I think most people would not realize that Isometric exercise ha
Trump's first month travel expenses total nearly Barack Obama's yearly average 11 million of taxpayers money so he can sit in Mar a Lago every weekend and conduct foreign affairs in public restaurants. Oh, and also go
McCanns "not in the clear" - removal of their "formal suspect" status does not mean they are innocent, judges say
MCCANNS 'NOT IN THE CLEAR' Removal of Kate and Gerry’s ‘formal suspect’ status does not mean they are innocent in disappearance of daughter Madeleine McCann, judges say Portugal’s Supreme Court has cast doubt over the parents of missing Madeleine once
Trump's alternative universe
After 2 weeks in power it feels like it's time to start a thread on the alternative universe which Trump and his Trumpsters seem to be living in..... Each day he reveals a new facet (alternative truth) of the place he lives in. Today's alternative
Trump and the EPA | Article written by Beloved♥
It has been revealed that the Trump Administration has cut-off resolutions to support climate change secretly. Due to careful observation by scientists' tracking of the administration's websites and data centers, changes have been identified. On
OH NO President Trump!!!!!!
President Trump to KEEP order protecting LGBTQ Employees of Fed Contractors....Wasn't he FEARED to be taking away rights and not protecting?....More fake hysteria proven false....
Road to Miss World 2017- Official Thread
The Miss World 2017 Pageant will be held on November 18, 2017 in Sanya, China.
Leader or legend widget issue
Hello, I am trying to making legend or leader widget like this one that staffs should have avatar too. So any tutorial or someone can help me out directly Thanks
Picture legend Missing
Hello all yes me again LOL ok on my test site the picture legend is showing but on my real site the picture legend is missing. I'm nor sure why this went missing as it was there before Steps i have took to get this
How to design legend
Hello see this one staffs are in the boxes here. So I am wanting this design in my forum ( phpbb3) so any way to do it?
Wireless set No.19 MkIII
My pickup from yesterdays carousing. Came with a pile of accessories and cables.
Issue about stylish legend
Hello @@Mark, Just see the image I am wanting this type of legend in my forum too. How to make it like this one?
"Thanks" button doesn't work
Dear Support! I'd like help for "Thanks" button. Installed this great JavaScript: /t135932-post-an-automatic-message-on-click-of-a-thanks-button#916010 Here is the installed Script: The button is appear, but no
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