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Trump's first month travel expenses total nearly Barack Obama's yearly average 11 million of taxpayers money so he can sit in Mar a Lago every weekend and conduct foreign affairs in public restaurants. Oh, and also go
Trump's alternative universe
After 2 weeks in power it feels like it's time to start a thread on the alternative universe which Trump and his Trumpsters seem to be living in..... Each day he reveals a new facet (alternative truth) of the place he lives in. Today's alternative
Trump and the EPA | Article written by Beloved♥
It has been revealed that the Trump Administration has cut-off resolutions to support climate change secretly. Due to careful observation by scientists' tracking of the administration's websites and data centers, changes have been identified. On
OH NO President Trump!!!!!!
President Trump to KEEP order protecting LGBTQ Employees of Fed Contractors....Wasn't he FEARED to be taking away rights and not protecting?....More fake hysteria proven false....
Retirement Income Security Benefit
Retirement Income Security Benefit The Retirement Income Security Benefit (RISB) is a monthly taxable benefit. This benefit tops up a Veteran’s total annual income to at least 70% of what he or she received in financial benefits from VAC before age
Supplementary Retirement Benefit
Supplementary Retirement Benefit This is a taxable, lump-sum benefit provided to individuals who were in receipt of Earnings Loss Benefits on a long term basis. It is provided in recognition of the lower pension plan contributions you may have
Ukraine crisis. News in brief. Thursday 26 January. [Ukrainian sources]
THURSDAY Please scroll to view news items added during the day. NEWS: Russian Ambassador to India Kadakin dies in New Delhi.  A Pentagon strategy on Russia. Merkel made a disturbing statement for the future of the EU for Le Pen.  Businesman killed
New wave of Nationalism. Trump etc.
I have been cheering on Trump for ages and, you all might remember, I won a £100 bet when he won. Being an anti-establishment soul and sick and tired of corruption in governments and the EU, I was heartened by Trump`s refreshing message. As I was with
Application Widget/Job Board for my Forum
Technical Details Forum version : #PunBB Position : Founder Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome Who the problem concerns : All members Forum link : Description of problem I'm trying to figure out how to
Essence of Latinas- Prediction Game- Season V- Round #10- Miss Guatemala Universo 2017 & Femina Miss India 2017
WELCOME to Essence of Latinas- Prediction Game- Season V RULES: 1. Anyone can join the game (All you need is to be registered in the forum as a member) 2. You must submit your list in the format said for each round IN ORDER, so it's easier to
Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Administration is That They Might 'Lose Their Nerve'
Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Administration is That They Might 'Lose Their Nerve' Less than three weeks before the presidential inauguration, leading Trump ally Newt Gingrich said his biggest worry about the incoming administration is tha
Obama Just Took a Big Step on Climate—and Trump Probably Can't Undo It
Carlos Barria/Reuters via ZUMA Press This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Barack Obama has permanently banned new oil and gas drilling in most US-owned waters in the
Putin, Trump and Erdogan loom over EU summit (Financial Times)
Europe’s leaders face diplomatic minefield over a trio who are not even there Europe’s leaders gather in Brussels on Thursday for a summit discussion that will be acutely influenced by three men who will not be there: Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey,
20 Republican electors would vote against Trump - Stanford Professor
20 Republican electors would vote against Trump - Stanford Professor Activists are trying to persuade at least 37 Republicans to vote against Trump that he could not be declared winner of the US presidential election Professor of Law at Stanford
Global oil pact underscores Saudi-Russian energy alliance
Two-year slump in crude price forces co-operation between unlikely partners The first global crude supply pact in 15 years has underlined the growing energy alliance between Saudi Arabia and Russia, as the depth of the two-year oil slump forces
Trump admitted that he is a supporter of direct presidential elections
US President-elect Donald Trump admitted that he was never a fan of the current in the US electoral system. This, he admitted in a meeting with the staff of the newspaper The New York Times , which broadcast to Twitter led the team edition. "I'd rather
Was posted on VVI Bullentin Board But not here
I just seen this on the VVI Bullentin Board, but was quite a few stories down from the top I had to scroll to find it Has something been or gotten settled? Aaron says he can't announce it, Until he's get permission to release the info, and one following
11 Nov 2016 - Me, the Kids, and Trump
The kids know I've been upset for a couple of days now, even though I've been trying hard to not be obvious about it. It's been hard dealing with them, since they understand some, but not all of what worries me. With the younger kids (this hasn't
Trump has won!
Donald Trump has officially been elected as president of the USA.  The link below lists the, current, effect on the world of Trump being elected: {I was bored and found this really
President-elect Donald J. Trump......
For those that predicted my head would explode when this title was guaranteed to go to someone else.....LOL!....
Trump poll numbers......
Today.....up by six. That would be a 15 point turnaround if polls are to be believed....hrc was supposed to have been up anywhere from 6 to 9 points [or more] in polls prior to last Friday.....Further, Trump has supposedly closed the gap with women voter
Elevating Trump...
Some would like to elevate Trumpy right off the planet. For the Clinton machine to maintain power, it needs the likes of Donald Trump. It’s a package deal. The Clinton’s lesser of two evils campaign can corral voters most efficiently if their
Issues within board
Hi there, a few members on the site have been reporting issues within my site ie- posting YouTube videos, quick reply box missing, can't use quotes, the emoticons aren't working and it's all the members who use IPads or Iphones. Even the reply box is
Trump uses money from his charity to pay off lawsuits
Personal lawsuits, not lawsuits against his foundation. Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars given to his foundation by donors who believed the money was going to charity. Facts suck, don't they?
Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald
This is a new programme that starts tomorrow on ITV. Trevor McDonald returns with a brand new documentary series, Inside Scotland Yard with Trevor McDonald, where he gains unprecedented access into the Metropolitan Police's headquarters. I doubt
Pam Bondi and Donald Trump-both crooked as snakes
I've been reading a lot of comments about Hillary "paying for play." So today, after the facts were known for months now, the news decides to finally cover the direct payment made to our state's attorney General from the Trump Foundation. This is a
Violent attacks against Trump supporters continue apace
Is Trump's wife a mail order bride?
Melanija Knavs, was born in 1970  in Yugoslavia, now know as Slovenia.   Knavs  studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She then worked as a model for fashion houses in Milan and Paris before relocating to New York City
Interview of Chum Darang Miss Earth India 2016 contestant
1. How would you describe yourself to the world? I am a free spirited person, a blend of someone who is Vivacious and Emotional at the same time, I have immense love and respect for the faction of people who worship ‘humanity’. 2. What motivated you t
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