TopshoT at 01h42
My site has all of a sudden received this message-

And we have nothing illegal on the site, if someone could tell me what. To do to save my site please tell me. please,we have a lot of members and I can't lose them. Please
This is the link to my site- http://psp-gaming.forumotion.com
1 Stephen-, on 21/04/2012 at 01h46

Your forum may have some content which violates forumotion ToS
2 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 01h50
Can u check it out and see. Cuz I'm kinda a noob at this stuff, and I really need it to not be deleted.PLEASE
3 Stephen-, on 21/04/2012 at 01h54
I've visited your forum, I not quite sure but I think is that your forum contains illegal/hack links, since i saw there are many download links on your forum.
4 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 01h56
It is psp plugins.but not illegal. Idk what to do.
5 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 01h57
There is hundreds of other sites that hav many more things than we do.
We had some psp movies.on there. But after I saw that message I deleted them all? When do they check to see if it's in compliance
6 Stephen-, on 21/04/2012 at 02h00
I'll suggest to you that try to read carefully the forumotion ToS: http://www.forumotion.com/en/create-forum/terms-of-service.htm And if spotted some content that your forum have delete it immediately.
7 Darren1, on 21/04/2012 at 02h01

From a GUEST perspective, thus having limited views, it appears that the Firmware section is not allowed, not to note that there may be more then 1 section that may be the cause of this.

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out the exact reason on why you have this warning Wink

it does not matter if other sites have these such topics, this is your forum in question.
If you wish to make a complaint about any other ForuMotion forum, this is the tool & the link to use:
=> http://www.forumotion.com/en/litigation/

Raizen, already suggested Wink
8 Devan, on 21/04/2012 at 02h02
Sorry to post in this thread but can anyone help
9 Darren1, on 21/04/2012 at 02h05
Devan, please be patient, we all are volunteers except for Leeloo, who's out of the office for the weekend.
I've replied to your topic Smile
10 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 02h05
Before we had the message we had some downloadable movies..and homebrew games..idk if there illegal..but they might be pirated so I tOok them off,but the message is still there.. And there is no porn,no other illegal stuff..
11 Darren1, on 21/04/2012 at 02h13
The message won't be removed, it will remain until the timer hits 0, then a member of our litigation team re-checks your forum. If it is re-complying, it won't be removed, if it is not, it will be removed.

For additional Notes: If you are in violation a 3rd time, and a member of litigation notices it, your forum is automatically removed, no warnings, no questions, just banned.
12 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 02h24
This is the first time it ever happened. I cant believe someone would report us,probably one Of our rival sites..could me deleting movies + iso's keep it from getting deleted?
Cuz this really bites..I'm pretty upset right now..
13 Darren1, on 21/04/2012 at 02h29
Yes, deleting them they would assist in preventing the removal of your forum.
However, if they are not the only reason the forum has the warning, if the rest of the reason(s) is not removed, your forum will still be removed.
14 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 02h30
But idk what else could be the problem . The only possible things we hav are psp plugins. And custom firmware. But there not illegal, ad it's the majority of my forum.might hav to make a new one..
15 Darren1, on 21/04/2012 at 02h34
I'm sorry to say, but they are possible reasons as well for the warnings TT
The firmware is in violation as it's customizing something that wasn't meant to be given out.
16 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 02h41
We're gonna hav to basically rebuild it now. Thanks to the moron who reported us and not one of the other 100 other psp hacking sites.
17 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 03h48
Then why are there hundreds of other sites that are up and running?
18 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 04h02
See we are part of a gaming community,and we tryin to help people on the games, not anything malicious.
But we deleted a lot of stuff,,so
19 TopshoT, on 21/04/2012 at 09h52
We have deleted everything that we think is possibly violating the tos
Custom firmware,iso's, movies.
If it gets deleted then idk what is going on.
20 NikkoBryan14, on 21/04/2012 at 09h59
You should have some Legal DIsclaimer maybe.
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